Barn N Bunk boutique bungalow is a spacious and beautifully appointed wooden bungalow comes with two spacious room with a beautiful bed in solid semi-rattan teak, an intimate bathroom with a sunken marble bathtub, a large sitting area with a cosy day- bean bags, and a panoramic veranda with overlooking the sea of Nusa Penida peninsula, organic rice field and the great mount Agung. Styled with minimalist and modern farmer house design that providing inspiration, joy, and serenity.

Story behind the making:

Barn N Bunk (BNB) is a social venture aims to preserve Bali's legacy in accordance to 'Tri Hita Karana'; a local philosophy of life which believes that the three causes of well-being are harmony among people, harmony with nature and harmony with God. Balinese unique culture and traditions which revolve mainly around agriculture is a spiritual beacon that attracts tourists around the globe for centuries. Maintaining rice fields, Pura (temple) and traditions are BNB's main missions to safe-guard Bali's spiritual beacon for generations to come. It is an endeavor to balance Bali's tourism with its agricultural heritage and nature preservation by promoting agro-tourism.

BNB's concept of agro-tourism includes:

  • Stimulating farmers through added income; increasing crop yield by integrating latest agriculture technologies and switching to organic rice-farming to increase crop value and preserve nature.
  • Promoting Agro-tourism; establishing wooden structures as eco-friendly accommodation to attract and facilitate visitors who want to learn and experience Balinese farming culture. In accordance with BNB's commitment to sustain land productivity, these accommodations are built on top of harvestable fresh-water fish-farm (fish-pond).

BNB strongly believes that educating and increasing wellbeing of local farmers along with its community are the essential foundation for preserving Balinese culture, tradition and nature itself. Motivating younger generations to adopt farming and encouraging them to maintain their ancestor's heritage are a monumental challenge in today's modern society where agriculture is not regarded as esteemed profession and/or attractive. It is in BNB best interest to close 'generation gap' that gradually grows wider in Balinese agriculture society - restoring balance between people, nature and God.

Ever wondering how we made our furniture?

All materials recycled from old furniture, tins, beach rocks then we modified them with natural material that we can find around our place at Masceti beach. We covered our old bed with natural dried skin from banana tree. We twist the dried skins and arranged it into layers so it will give the natural rattan effect. And those fish ornaments on the wall? We use old tin cans then cut them into fish shape and arrange them in a beautiful schooling fish layers. What about the bed-side lamp? That is special; we collected all the stone from our black sand beach and arrange them together as a base of the lamp. All the wooden bungalows and furniture specially made and crafted by local artisans piece by piece to make the entire bungalow looks elegant and full of love. We want to make it unique to add more value and inspiration for people that come by to pass our message about our special eco-accommodation.

Our Eco bungalow comes with two types:

  • Boutique bungalow : The bungalow comes with one main room ( 1 large king size beds) and a living room (comes with 2 single large extra beds). This bungalow is suitable for 2 adults and 2 kids. However if there are 4 travellers that doesn’t mind to share (comes as a group) they are more than welcome to stay with us. We provide free range and organic breakfast.

  • Deluxe bungalow : This bungalow comes with 1 main bedroom (1 large king size beds), suitable for 2 people for their romantic getaway or enjoying the real Bali tranquillity around the neighbourhood. We provide free range and organic breakfast.

    Both eco bungalows comes with : Fast speed WIFI, Hot water, Air conditioner, Fan, Free mineral waters all day, real Bali tranquillity and outstanding view of organic farm with mount Agung as a background.