Learn Something on Your Next Vacation!

Don’t just sit by the pool. Instead, consider “edutourism” vacations on which you learn something while you travel. Think about rooms and daily sightseeing when you’re ready to book your next vacation, but also ask yourself what new skill or knowledge you’d like to acquire. In Bali, Barn N Bunk will offer you many other skill full activities while you enjoying your holiday.


If you prefer to get exercise in the great outdoors while you’re away from the 9 to 5, consider learning a new sport on your next vacation. Depending on your location, there’s bound to be a particularly popular sport or form of exercise that you can try. In our beach (Keramas, Masceti, Cucukan, Lebih, and Klotok beach), you can learn to ride horses, surfing, body boarding, or yoga. If those sound too mundane, we can help to do more research to find you a diving, kite-surfing, canoeing, free-diving, cooking class or make your own natural make up and perfume classes.


Learning while on vacation doesn’t have to be a situation where you take from the host culture and community. In fact, many edutourists enjoy giving back to the regions they visit by spending part of their holiday volunteering in return for what they learn. For example, we have an organic farming education training program which improving other practical skills that you never get back in school. This skills will not only teach you to make your own organic garden back home but also change the way you think about social skills while you supporting the wellbeing of local farmers. Knowing that you have made a difference on your vacation may ultimately be the only souvenir you want to take home.


One of the most popular edutourism pastimes is learning a foreign language while travelling. Learning another language while on vacation is a rewarding challenge. The major benefit of learning a foreign language while you’re travelling in a country where that language is spoken is you’ll be instantly able to put what you learn to use. And, if there is a particular destination that you often return to on your yearly travels, it makes sense to learn the local lingo to help yourself get around and to get a better feel for the culture.

We have green programmes that suitable for any group of ages.

Organic farmer 1 day (Open)

Now you can be an organic farmer for a day and be part of supporting the local farmers and community to improve their life wellbeing.
What you will achieve: Experience the whole new way to be an organic farmer while learn from the expert to support the local communities. You will be part of the fun course which educates you more from another new perspective.

Schedule (every Saturday/ Sunday):

  • Introduction with harvesting (Organic chilli and yard long beans) and harvesting in our organic garden alongside with our farmers.
  • Brunch in our Barn N Bunk organic café. We will serve you with our organic and free range food. Feel free to choose what’s in the menu such as:


    1. Farmer’s breakfast : Any Way Eggs, Toasted Sourdough, Bacon, Chorizo, Spinach, Mushrooms, Hash Browns, Grilled Tomato, Tomato Relish.
    2. Farmer’s beef burger: 150grm Free-range wagyu Burger Patty, Grilled Bacon, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, BBQ Sauce, Mayo, Hand-cut Potato Wedges, Salad.
    3. Chicken club sandwich: Grilled Chicken Breast, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado, Aioli, Toasted Sourdough, Hand-Cut Potato, Wedges, Salad.
    4. Tex-mex wraps: Chorizo, Mushrooms, Scrambled Egg, Onion, Tomato Relish, Cheese, Tortilla Wrap, Garden Salad
    5. Many more in the menu.


    1. Wake Me Up mix juice: Apple, Carrot, Orange, Beetroot
    2. Detoxing mix juice: Apple, Strawberry, Watermelon, Ginger
    3. Any coffee/ tea/ or smoothies
    4. Many more in the menu.
  • Presentation from our head of organic farming site and education centre. This session will give your insight about organic farming, integrated farm management system, and practical skills.
  • Practical skills: Make your own organic fertilizer and planting.
  • finish.

The main objective of the programme is to:

  • improve knowledge and proficiency in organic farming practices, certification process and marketing of organically raised agricultural produces,
  • promote self-employment and income generation,
  • provide the opportunity to learn from organic farmers with personal experience - from a one-day basic,
  • Support the local farming community.

You will be granted with organic farmer certificate for 1 day experience and be part of supporting the green local project. How cool is that? Learning while donating in the same day?!
Come on and be part of the future pioneers!
Further inquiries please email us at: barnnbunk@gmail.com